Xiaomai 6A Review

this laptop I'm looking at today is oneof those punts that have taken one of those risks I thought this looks like itcould be interesting and there's many things that are good about it it's got avery odd name it's called their Mai Ben Ben Xiaomai 6 yes what a bad name it is ashocker so what we have here is a Celeron N4100 laptop that comes witheight gigabytes of RAM and has a 256 gigabyte SSD and wireless AC 15.

6 inchscreen with a metal lid on the top and a plastic palm race so it doesn't reallyseem that interesting and out of the ordinary from the budget tech I reviewedbut I wouldn't classify this one quite as budget because it sells for about 599so what sets it apart and why I was interested in reviewing this one and whyI got it is because it has upgrade abilities so you've got two RAM slots soyou can what you'll see later on in this video is I decided to add another 8gigabytes of RAM and it also has a replaceable wireless card and you canadd a 2.

5 inch SSD but the main feature of this laptop here is it has adedicated NVIDIA MX 150 with 2 gigabytes of double data rate 5 RAM which hasmoderate performance that paired up with the CPU is going to be a little bitlimited in the box you will find our power supply which is rated to 19 volts3.

4 amps and it has that Mickey Mouse style connector on the end we also get akeyboard protector as well included which fits it perfectly because it'scoming from the manufacturer and it's a first that I've seen this included onthe left side of the laptop you've got dcn HDMI 2.

0 a so that's 4k 60 Hertz 2USB 3 ports a type C port which is also USB 3 spec on the right a Kensingtonlock slot an SD card reader which is only USB 2 spec a USB 2 port 3.

5millimeter headphone jack with mic support and lastly an LED so this is redwhen charging green once fully charged which takes just under twohours taking a look at the internals now so we have a reasonably good layout herethe build quality looks good there is an internal metal frame that everything isscrewed into so we've got a 41 watt hour battery right here we have a replaceablemini PCIe card that's your Wireless right now it has an Intel 9462 that'sin there and look at this upgradable Ram so it comes with eight gigabytesinstalled it'll be running in single channel of course it's a data Ram soit's a reasonable brand of RAM but I'm going to upgrade it here because Ibelieve a lot of people will probably actually do this running 16 will makethings a little bit smoother there's also a 2.

5 inch SATA 3 bay here which isgreat so you can install a 1 terabyte hard drive or another SSD the connectorsright here they've just taped it inside so if you hear something rattling aroundand that's what it is and right under this ribbon cable right here we have a20 to 80 set of 3 SSD it's 256 gigabytes so you're able to replace and upgradethat if you wanted to and for calling we have a single fan here with two copperthermal transfer pipes so the GPU will be right here that's the MX 150 and thenthat in 4102 quad core so that chipset does not generate a lot of heat so thefans aren't going to be on often but when you're gaming or using the GPU withthe switchable graphics that's when the fan will come on when you do somethingdemanding as you can see here the laptop powered up just fine it took a littlebit longer to boot because the buyers had to detect to the new eight gigabytesof installed ram which it has here so you can see it it's running Windows 10home it just went straight into the desktop so it's already been set up bysomeone so it would be careful doing a factory reset on this model as it couldend up with everything back in Chinese which it might have originally had sothey have partitioned that 256 gigabyte drive with a Windows installation of 80gigabytes and then the rest of the space for your data and in the device managerI just wanted to quickly point out so there we have our dual graphics here soit has switchable graphics between the geforce MX 150 and then the ultra HDgraphics 600 that's the intel one which of course uses a lot less power it'll beon there by the defi but you can override it anyways use themore powerful GPU if you want so I'll display is a 1080p display it is metcoated and it has a very poor maximum brightness I measured just 98 luxo itdoesn't even scrape a hundred Lux inside it looks fine you'll be running it at100% maybe 50% but if you gonna be using this in very bright LED environments Imean I do have some powerful studio lighting on at the moment because of theanti-glare coating it makes it a little bit better but it's not amazing so wehave an sRGB rating here of 63% ntsc is only 45% Adobe RGB 47 so this isnot a screen you want to be using for color grading work so I was going toscreen capture this one but I thought I would show you the screen since it's notflickering on camera anything to give you an idea of what kind of performanceyou can expect out of this hardware so it's got a very weak CPU we know thisbut it is running at 10 watts and aided by the fact that I'm running dualchannel and the extra 8 gigabytes around things are very quick and snappy so Ijust loaded up a couple of random tabs here and they all popped in very quickthis really does feel a lot like a more modern core i3 or in older say fourth orfifth generation Core i5 so I go back into Chrome right here I'm just gonnatype in dogs and I have never searched this before and I'm just going torandomly start opening up tabs and just to demonstrate how fast this is workingso the wireless is that Intel chip that's in there and it's a lot betterthan the 3165 the 9640 2i my file transfer test I managed to getclose to 400 megabits throughput on that one so you can see those tabs areloading in and really that is pretty quick overall that performance it feelsgood it feels snappy and really it does not feel like a low-end Sauron whenyou're doing light tasks like this now you can do a bit of multitasking which Iam doing because we've got the extra RAM you'll get a load a lot more into thatRam so here I have a very large doc file so this is 860 pages so it is massiveand it did take a good and I'm not joking hereabout three minutes to load in was very slow and the initial load once it getsgoing you can see scrolling is a little slow you can do your typical edits andmove things around cut and paste that performance however doesn't seem to beaffected too much so it's not gonna drive you wild being real leggy and slowwith a large doc file like this now the same goes with Excel now this is not ahuge spreadsheet a handle spreadsheets a lot better but this is only ten thousandlines I think so again yeah a little slow it's not gonna perform like thelatest generation Core i5 of course not you can't expect that from this kind ofCPU but all in all and this performance is good I will open up a high bitratepharmacist a chi VC the codec and I will play this with VLC so that pops upreally quick even at this higher bitrate that is gonna be fineare the same guys for 4k so ever since the Apollo Lake we've had nativedecoding of vp9 codecs and a chi VC so performance there is as expectedoverall it feels quite quick and snappy and you can see there is that animationstutter that lag that's something that's been around on this chipset for a whilenow it's a bit quicker but I just wanted to run through a few benchmarks so Ibenched marked the nvidia MX 150 it is the 15 not the 10 watt version sorrythis is 25 watt so it's not the crippled version of this GPU so we get 444 openCL score thousand and that isn't what the overclocked so what I did is I addedan additional 200 megahertz to the core clock of this GPU and an extra 1000 tothe RAM because of my experience with these lower end GPUs you can normallyoverclocked and quite a bit not like the high end stuff and that gives us aresult of almost 50,000 then in OpenCL which is very good for the particularGPU and considering the cpu we have now if you were to force it on to theintegrated which is Intel's UHD 600 you can see that scoreslook at the difference there so quite an increase going from the integratedgraphics to the dedicated GPU as expected and then we take a look now atGeekbench for so these scores yeah they are very low but for this hardwarecompared to the other laptops I've tested out like the lap book SC fromchewy similar results here maybe a little fast on the single core scorebecause this is actively called not passive like the other ones if I strikefrom 3dmark says it's a very demanding test for that GPU not an amazing scorebut what the overclock you do gain 15% just over 15% which is really nice Ialso did benchmark the SSD on here so it's a light on branded one 256gigabytes SATA 3 spec really good speeds for a set of 3 Drive this is perfectlyfine it's not going to cause any bottlenecks here so just how is thiskeyboard well the layout of it is fine I do like the spacing they have used thetexture of the keys feels good the plastic they have used 1.

5 millimetersof travel approximately there's a little bit of flex there you can see andperhaps a little bit of bounce when you're typing but overall it is a goodkeyboard it's just not a premium one it's not as good as the one for examplein the me notebook pro or even in my Chewie let book SC the touchpad has asmooth plastic finish to it it supports Windows gestures and it is aWindows precision touchpad my days using it I find it to be average it's fineit's certainly not the best I've used I've used a lot worse as well thislaptop will stream 4k video just fine but I wanted to focus here on the audiowhich is truly an absolutely disappointing so bad the speakers theyhave no volume to them give you a sample of them now so as you could hear from that that theylack a huge amount of volume the 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack is much louderit's got very clean sound there's no static desert interference however it'sstill not as long as it should be so very disappointing audio on this laptopover winners file is to edit some 4k footage here in Adobe Premiere Pro sothis is very demanding for the CPU but if you have a look now at the preview ifI play this now you can see that's running in real time but that's onlyrendering it at half the resolution when you skip ahead and various differentedits it does really start to bog down now 1080p video editing it will run ahell of a lot better than a 4k because remember this is a very low-end chipsyexport times as well super slow it's going to take more than double thelength of your clip into 4k to encode it even though it is hardware acceleratedusing the cuter cause and Intel's quick sync and a very quick peek atLinux this is Linux meant that it's running and there's no issues to reportwhatsoever everything seems to be working that includes your Bluetoothyour wireless everything like that and you can of course install it as well soyou could set this up as a dual boot machine now there is one thing if youfollow me on Twitter that you've probably seen me mention as this this isdriving me almost insane that whatever I try all those different methods thecustom INF files the config files I cannot upgrade the graphics driver onthis it just will not happen for some reason it seems to be when you have alook at the device ID that's fine it is the 25 watt as mentioned TDP and videoMX 150 but it's like a generic VGA device it's something's wrong with itthere that I just cannot upgrade the drivers on this this is going to be anissue especially with some games so this title here is GTA I've got itrunning on the lowest settings it's 1080p and it's playable I mean if youwant a faster frame rate than what I'm about to show you then you couldprobably run it to 720p with this is looking okay I mean it's not amazingperformance but there's no way that just that salonin 4100 bite South would be able to run this game so forget about 34 frames persecond 32 but as long as it keeps over 30yes that's some really bad driving from me it is fine so stepped it up now to amore demanding game this is Witcher 3 low settings presets 720p over 40 framesper second this is actually a lot better than I expected I thought this one woulddefinitely bring things coming down to a whole under 20 frames per second now Idid try it in 1080p but it's not recommended 1080p I was getting amaximum frame rate of only about 35 and it was hovering around 29 30 frames persecond on average total said to me that wasn't really good enough so I'll justupset the guards here to see if that's gonna cause a huge frame dip or not okaynot really so this one's gonna be yeah 100 cent playable 720p low settings thistitle here is Call of Duty World War 2 and it's hopping around 40 frames persecond but when there's a lot of action going on screen when there's explosionsand you're in those cutscenes it drops down to about 25 frames per second soit's a it's semi playable this one here you do see a lot of screen tearing andwhatnot even on the low setting 720p I can't really lower it much further youcan lower the resolution down but it doesn't make much of a difference because it wouldn't be complete withoutshowing you Counter Strike global Offensivethis is on 1080p resolution medium settings now you can lower theresolution and it will give you a better framerate and you can just want to showyou too that in the smoke there you can see it dipped down to 40 so this is yeahplay of all about 720p will run a little bit better so let's have a look at thosetemperatures now which is important so maximum temperatures on the CPU 83degrees it doesn't tend to exceed this I haven't seen it go over that and that isalmost after three hours and if we take a look at the GPU and that is 77 degreesand the fan noise is actually quite low it's very hard for me to capture asample but not very loud this laptop taking a look at the external teams hereso it does get up to about 37 degrees Celsius just along the top right therewe can see the red dot where the laser is and overall those temperatures arefine in nothing like the more powerful laptops I've looked at that have reachedup and over fully eight degrees Celsius so very hot to the touchthis one's just warm to the touch so there's webcam in a very awkwardposition that kind of looks up your nose isn't the greatest quality it's HDeither side of it we do have jewelry microphones and there is a status LED tolet you know it's on so here's a sample from the webcam the mics either side ofit as I pointed out and when you type on the keyboard you don't get as muchfeedback through those microphones of that as you doing ones that are placedon the laptop itself overall this quality is very average the mics as welland the webcam location is not the greatest-looking up your nose having itright down there it should be up in the top bezel ok so just going to recap hereas I do the end of my video so I've got plastic palm rests element on the topaluminium or aluminum on the bottom it is cooled by a fan the fan noise is notbad there's a bit of heat from it but not a problem they gets up to about 83degrees so that is fine there the screen is nothing amazing yes it has theslimmer bezels which may look a little bit more modern a littlebit nice-looking there I'll just turn the screen on for you can see you cansee it there but the low brightness okay it's saving grace probably because ithas met coded means that indoors it looks fine but a hundred Lux is just notbright enough and then if you're gonna be color grading photos and things likethat the color gamut the coverage we're getting from the screen not good I meanI kind of expected that because this is a cheaper Chinese a laptop here so thebig problem that I had was the drivers I still cannot install Nvidia's latestdrivers on this I don't know why I tried everything you can think of I got somehelp from other people on Twitter as well so installing in safe mode andusing that driver and install utility get rid of all the drivers and add afresh install went offline I tried to stop windows and automaticallyinstalling its own driver which kept happening a lot too I was ripping myhair out after almost a whole day actually a day and a half two daysmessing with that I got fed up and just almost went insane I was gonna throwthis thing out the window so you cannot update at least I can't update thegraphics driver on this which it's going to be a energy for gaming so gamingperformance as you saw is surprisingly good it's not a high-end system such aweak CPU it does limit it with some games but there were a lot of titlesthere on 1080p low settings playable framerate so that's good too this kindof what this thing is about are the touchpad the keyboard it's good to typeon it overall has an average build quality but for the price they're $5.

99that it cost me well no because I feel you're better off saving an extra 200 usand getting something like shammies me laptop Pro that one there is often onsale for $7.

99 or even a little bit lower than that and it's got just somuch better performance a premium build to a backlit keyboard this isn't backlitI wrote it's a better experience yet really it's a battery life it'll go forseven or eight hours which is good that's on par with other Sauron in 4100that I've looked at the gym no lake is good on batteries so that's probably oneof the positives on all this so really need to factor that in if you canget up maybe you for a lot cheaper then possibly but then you probably findsomething with an AMD APU that'll go a lot better run a lot better than thosehad better performance but the performance did surprise me with theextra rain with the upgrade ability that's a big positive with us it did rungreat a lot better in fact the best N 4,100 that I have reviewed thanks somuch for watching this video and I do hope to see you back in the channel soonbye for now.

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