ASUS Zephyrus S Gaming Benchmarks

The ASUS Zephyrus S is a powerful and thingaming laptop, but how well does it perform in different games? I’ve benchmarked 15different games at all setting levels to show you how well it runs and help you decide ifit’s worth it.

Just quickly before we jump into the benchmarkresults I’ll cover off the specs in my unit.

There’s an Intel i7-8750H CPU, Nvidia GTX1060 graphics, and 16GB of memory running at DDR4-2666 in dual channel.

The ZephyrusS is also available with GTX 1070 Max-Q graphics, so expect better performance with that model.

It’s also got a 144Hz screen, so we’ll see how well the GTX 1060 does at making useof that in the benchmarks.

I was running Windows 10 with these Nvidiadrivers, and with ASUS’s Turbo mode enabled.

Turbo mode boosts the fan speeds, raises theCPU TDP to 45 watts, and slightly overclocks the graphics to increase gaming performance,so let’s see how well it runs! Fortnite was tested with the replay feature,and even at epic settings it was still playing perfectly fine, able to average 80 FPS with60 for the 1% low, and then well over 100 FPS at the lower setting levels.

Overwatch was tested playing in the practicerange, and again easily playable at epic settings, with over 100 FPS possible here, so it wasplaying quite smoothly with a 1% low still above 60 FPS, and over 200 FPS averages werepossible at low settings.

Battlefield 5 was tested in campaign modeand not in multiplayer mode, as it’s easier to consistently reproduce the test run.

Itplayed well enough at ultra settings, almost able to average 60 FPS, but I thought thatit played best with medium settings or below.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested withthe built in benchmark, and this test was able to average just under 60 FPS at mediumsettings, and then in the high 80s with the lowest setting preset.

PUBG was tested using the replay feature,and although this is a less optimized game it was still quite playable with ultra settings,although for this type of game higher FPS will be an advantage which is why I alwaysend up playing with very low settings anyway.

CS:GO was tested using the Ulletical benchmark,and with all settings maxed out the test was still averaging above 100 FPS, and just ableto hit 200 FPS with all settings at minimum.

Rainbow Six Siege was tested with the builtin benchmark, and this test always results in high frame rates with modern hardware.

Even at ultra settings we’re getting 130 FPS averages, with over 180 possible at lowsettings.

Far Cry 5 was also tested with the built inbenchmark, and alright results for this test, still above 60 FPS averages even at ultrasettings here, with above 80 seen at low settings.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was another thatwas tested with the built in benchmark, and although the frame rates are lower at thehigher settings I don’t think this game needs a high frame rate to play, and stillworks alright at around high settings.

Dota 2 was tested using a fairly intensivereplay, so this should be a worst case scenario, these results are not the same as actuallyplaying the game which would result in higher performance.

I did play a quick game withultra settings just for comparison, and it was averaging around 110 FPS with not muchgoing on.

Watch Dogs 2 is a demanding game, but it doesn’tneed a high frame rate to play.

As long as I get over 30 FPS it plays fine, so it wasperfectly playable at ultra settings, although I don’t think you visually get much extraafter high settings anyway.

Ghost Recon is another demanding game andwas tested using the built in benchmark, and we’re seeing alright frame rates for thisgame at very high and below, with 60 FPS averages possible with high settings in this test.

The Witcher 3 played alright with ultra settings,still able to average 60 FPS, but it did feel noticeably better at high settings, and stilllooked great, with medium settings and below getting us above 100 FPS averages.

DOOM was tested using Vulkan, and as is usuallythe case in this game it played perfectly smoothly even at ultra settings, almost averaging100 FPS maxed out in my test.

Shadow of war was tested with the built inbenchmark, and the results here seem pretty good, almost 60 FPS at very high settings,and although this game doesn’t need a massively high frame rate still above 100 FPS at lowsettings.

All of the games tested were easily playablewith good settings and decent frame rates, thanks to the i7-8750H, GTX 1060 and dualchannel memory combination.

Despite being a couple of years old now, 1060 graphics arestill a great option for 1080p gaming with decent settings, though if you’re aftermore power the Zephyrus S is also available with the GTX 1070 Max-Q as well.

Also expect slightly lower results if you’rerunning the laptop in the default balanced profile, I used the built in turbo profilegiven you can very easily enable it with the built in software, and figured while gamingit’s likely you would want to use this mode for best performance.

I haven’t yet tested undervolting or manualoverclocking, as this will vary between laptops based on the hardware, but I’ll cover thosein future videos along with detailed temperature testing, this is just how the laptop performsout of the box in a number of different games, as this is likely how most people will probablyend up using it, but don’t worry though I’ll definitely cover the more advancedstuff too.

So how do you guys think the ASUS ZephyrusS gaming laptop did in these games? As we’ve seen the GTX 1060 is still a great choicefor 1080p gaming with decent settings, and we’re able to get pretty nice performancefor such a thin laptop.

Let me know what you guys thought down inthe comments, and don’t forget to subscribe for the full review of the ASUS Zephyrus Sgaming laptop as well as future tech videos like this one.

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