ASUS Zephyrus S and FX505 Gaming Laptops

Now onto the fourth video of my PAX Australia2018 coverage, and this time we’ll be checking out laptops from ASUS.

ASUS just had 4 laptops on display as faras I could see, but they’re all models that I’m really keen to get my hands on and testfurther, as a lot of you guys have been asking me about them in the comments.

First up is the ASUS TUF FX505, I’ve previouslyreviewed the FX504 on the channel and actually had some pretty annoying throttling issueswith it, so I’ll be very interested in finding out if the 505 is the same or has fixed theseissues, as again quite a few of you have asked me to look into this.

This specific model is configured with anIntel i5-8300H and with Nvidia 1050Ti graphics, although it's also available with the i7-8750Hor Nvidia 1050 or 1060 too, but I think what we've got here will still make for a greatgaming combination.

Otherwise it’s a 15 inch model but also available in 17 inches,and the overall TUF design appears the same as the FX504.

Next to that was the GX531, more commonlyknown as the Zephyrus S, and I think this is the one I’m most keen to look at first.

Overall it looks like the original Zephyrus that I reviewed on the channel last year,going back to that design with the keyboard right down the front and touch pad on theright hand side.

This allows for more cooling space towards the back, as we’ve got thathinge mechanism which lifts the laptop up to aid in cooling.

For specs it’s got the Intel i7-8750H, Nvidia1060 graphics in this one here, although it’s also available with the 1070 Max-Q with a144Hz 1080p screen with thinner bezels compared to the previous Zephyrus GM501.

I’m notpersonally a fan of the right hand touchpad design, as I mentioned in my review of theoriginal Zephyrus, I would have liked if they kept the layout from the most recent GM501version, but I guess you can’t have everything.

After that there’s the 17 inch version ofthe Scar 2, the GL704.

I’ve actually got some videos coming out soon about the 15 inchScar 2, the GL504, and this one looks pretty much the same just stretched out to the larger17 inch size.

This one has an i7-8750H CPU and 1060 graphics, though should also be availablewith more powerful 1070 graphics as was the case with the 15 inch version I’ve tested,otherwise it looks decent if you don’t have issues with the camo pattern design.

Finally there was another FX505 although thistime with the i7-8750H CPU and Nvidia 1060, so pretty much the same as the other FX505covered earlier just with higher specs in this particular model.

I’d be interestedin comparing the differences in temperatures between the i5 and i7 models, but we’llhave to see what I can get my hands on.

There was heaps of other PC gaming going onat the ASUS booth, but like my other PAX content I focused on the laptops here as that seemsto be what most of you guys are around here for.

Next up I’ll finally be covering someAMD based laptops, so don’t forget to subscribe to find out all about those!.

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