ASUS TUF FX505 Gaming Benchmarks

The new ASUS TUF FX505 gaming laptop has somenice specs, but how well does it perform in games? I’ve benchmarked 16 different gamesat all setting levels to show you how well it runs and help you decide if it’s worthit.

Just quickly before we jump into the benchmarkresults I’ll cover off the specs in my unit.

There’s an Intel i7-8750H CPU, Nvidia GTX1060 graphics, and 16GB of memory running at DDR4-2666 in single channel.

Yes, performancecould be improved with dual channel, but this is how the laptop came to me.

While I’vegot a 60Hz screen in my unit, it is also available with a faster 144Hz option.

Otherwise I was running Windows 10 with theseNvidia drivers, and with ASUS’s Overboost mode enabled which boosts the power limitof the CPU to a 45W TDP and increases the fan speed to maximize performance, so let’ssee how well it runs! Fortnite was tested with the replay feature,and even at epic settings we’re still able to average above 70 FPS, and over 100 FPSwith low settings, it was playing fairly smoothly at all setting levels.

Overwatch was tested playing in the practicerange, and again at all setting levels the frame rates are quite high, averaging above100 FPS at epic with a 1% low above the refresh rate of the panel in my unit.

Battlefield 5 was tested in campaign modeand not in multiplayer mode, as it’s easier to consistently reproduce the test run.

Ididn’t have any issues playing at any setting level, although it was noticeably smootherat medium or below.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested withthe built in benchmark, and the results are a bit lower than I expected, probably dueto the single channel memory, but still some decent frame rates at the lower levels.

PUBG was tested using the replay feature,and although this is a less optimized game it was still playable at pretty much any settinglevel, though again not as high frame rates as we usually see with the 1060 and 8750H,again probably due to the single channel memory.

CS:GO was tested using the Ulletical benchmark,and as usual the frame rates at all settings were fairly high.

Rainbow Six Siege was tested with the builtin benchmark, and this test pretty much always results in high frame rates and this was noexception, over 100 FPS averages regardless of the settings in use.

Far Cry 5 was also tested with the built inbenchmark, and the results are alright for this test, still able to average above 60FPS at ultra settings.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was another thatwas tested with the built in benchmark, and the frame rates seem alright given that Idon’t think you necessarily need high FPS to enjoy the game, but nothing amazing.

Dota 2 was tested using a fairly intensivereplay, so this should be a worst case scenario, these results are not the same as actuallyplaying the game which would result in higher performance.

I use this test as it’s reproducible,and easy to compare with my other videos.

Watch Dogs 2 is a demanding game, but as itdoesn’t seem to need a high frame rate to play I have no trouble playing at ultra settings,anything above 30 FPS as long as the 1% low isn’t too terrible runs fine for me.

Ghost Recon is another demanding game andwas tested using the built in benchmark, and we’re seeing alright frame rates for thisgame at very high and below, pretty typical results for laptop hardware which rarely seesgood results with ultra.

The Witcher 3 played great at anything belowUltra, it felt a bit choppy at ultra settings at times but otherwise no issues at the otherlevels, shown by the increase in frame rates.

DOOM was tested using Vulkan, and the gameplayed smoothly even at ultra settings, with the 1% low higher than the refresh rate ofmy 60Hz panel and averaging up to 120 FPS at low settings.

Shadow of war was tested with the built inbenchmark, and the results here seem pretty good with over 100 FPS possible at low settingsor below.

Ashes of the Singularity was also tested withthe built in benchmark, and I found it interesting that the crazy and extreme results were closetogether, while the high and standard were then also pretty close.

All of the games tested were easily playable,with decent frame rates and good settings thanks to the Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics andi7-8750H CPU.

The results were a bit lower compared to many other laptops I’ve testedwith the same specs that have a dual channel memory configuration though, so consider buyingit with dual channel if possible, or look at upgrading to a second stick later in futureif you want to boost performance.

I didn’t test dual channel as I don’t have sparememory, and if the laptop was sent over like this then it’s likely a common configurationthat you’ll actually be able to buy.

I haven’t yet tested undervolting or overclocking,as this will vary between laptops based on the hardware, but I’ll cover those in futurevideos along with detailed temperature testing, this is just how the laptop performs out ofthe box in a number of different games, as this is likely how most people will probablyend up using it, but don’t worry though I’ll definitely cover the more advancedstuff too.

So how do you guys think the ASUS TUF FX505gaming laptop did in these games? Although it was still capable of playing all thesegames with good settings and frame rates, a dual channel memory configuration most likelywould have helped it perform even better.

Let me know what you guys thought down inthe comments, and don’t forget to subscribe for the full review of the ASUS TUF FX505gaming laptop as well as future tech videos like this one.

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