2019 Gaming Laptops

– Translated by UltraCLD – Hello everyone, I am Dave 2D.

This issue talks about the upcoming 2019 game book.

In 2018, we have a lot of great choices There are light and thin game books, there are cheaper options And in the early 2019, the biggest change might be the new graphics from NVIDIA.

That is RTX New products are expected to debut at this year's CES So far, some running points have leaked and it looks very good.

According to the leaked information, the RTX notebook will use the same graphics die as the desktop RTX card.

The same number of CUDA cores The frequency will decrease because it will reduce heat dissipation But the performance is still very impressive Every graphics card has a good upgrade But remember that these are leak configurations and running points.

So the driver is definitely still in its early stages.

And the heat dissipation performance is not clear But the performance looks great It is worth noting that notebooks equipped with RTX 2080Ti are available.

The desktop version of this graphics card is very powerful, but the energy consumption is very high I really want to know what they will do with the mobile version.

The other is the run of the leaked RTX 2060.

This graphics card is slightly better than the 1070 MaxQ.

1070 MaxQ is a popular choice in high-end games.

For example, the Razer Spirit Blade 15, Aero 15, GS65 too many devices use this graphics card And 2060 has reached this level of performance, which is great.

This means some entry-level games such as $800.

Under the blessing of RTX graphics, you can get killer performance Next, the CPU This year we have Intel's eight generation 6-core CPU For some people, it is a big improvement.

So for example, if you are a gamer, there is no difference.

But any application that relies on multiple cores performs better.

But in 2019, I feel that Intel will introduce a nine-generation CPU.

Maybe the main frequency is 2,300MHz higher than the eighth generation.

But I think most devices will use a 6-core CPU.

It is possible that the highest-end series has eight cores.

For example, i9, but it really has to be very strong to dissipate Then I want to talk about something else, like the overall hardware changes.

In 2018, I think change is a faster screen Also saw many devices equipped with a 144Hz screen I think the price of these screens will drop, so the cheap book can also use the high refresh rate screen.

This is great Imagine a five or six hundred dollar game with a 144Hz screen.

Already appear, such as the OP game book on Wal-Mart The price has dropped by nearly 40% Very good purchase, this equipment will be more and more Cheaper device, but the screen is faster This is great, because in 2018 you want a good gaming experience, you have to have a fast screen.

60Hz screen, really too outdated Another change I think is that the game itself is going thin.

Some big companies like Dell, aliens I did M15 this year.

In the past, they were the best guys to do "big guys".

But they made a light and thin book, so this is a market trend, I feel good But at the tail of 2018, should you start a game book? Still waiting to buy the new 2019 This is my opinion If you are now, buy a game book at the end of the 2018 holiday season.

Can buy great equipment at a good price Maybe two or three months later, they are not the best equipment.

But you can play all the games you might want to play.

Because the hardware is still great, it’s very good to buy now.

Indeed, there will be faster hardware next year, but the upgrade is not that big.

I think it may take two or even three years, and the performance of notebook games will leap.

Next year's equipment will be an iterative upgrade, very good, but if you want to buy a computer now, I won't wait for next year.

Ok, I hope everyone likes this video.

If you like it, please like to subscribe to one dragon.

We will see you next time~.

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